360° and Virtual Reality Trends for 2016

Mobile-driven VR will introduce more innovation in the realm of VR consumer products.


VR will influence many industries across gaming, sports, entertainment, education and retail.


Stay tuned for the first "made for virtual reality" movie, LOST, by Oculus Story Studio in what it calls "VR cinema". Click here to read the full article.


Lionsgate is partnering with Oculus Rift in making VR versions of past popular hits such as Pulp Fiction and The Hunger Games.


GoPro is rolling out a new 360° camera with 16 cameras built in to work as one.


Interactivity and wearer participation will become very important within this new medium. No longer a "dictatorship of the director", VR puts control back in the hands of the viewer, fundamentally changing the concept of storytelling itself.


VR will drive bigger budget content, along with higher consumer spending.